Thursday, September 11, 2014

Top 8 Reasons to Fill Out a Health Care Proxy

  1. The Health Care Proxy (HCP) document is free.
  2. A New York State HCP is a one page, two sided document.
  3. Filling out the HCP takes about three minutes - you have three minutes don't you...
  4. Here is where you can find a NYS Health Care Proxy online with explanations of how to fill it out.
  5. Anyone who is sane and literate can fill one out.  Lawyers and notaries are not necessary.
  6. It will relieve stress once you have it done!
  7. Everyone over the age of 18 needs to have one completed before it is needed.
  8. Here you can find a Health Care Proxy for any state in the USA.
You can do this!

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