Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Family Health Portrait

The US Surgeon General has a free website to help make it fun and easy for anyone to create a portrait of their family's health - My Family Health Portrait.  This is a secure tool that takes about 20 minutes to create a unique family health portrait.  

After completing the questions, the website creates a personalized “family health tree” that can be saved to a home computer (or printed out to give to other family members.) From there, families may update the information at any time. The tool can be shared with other family members, who can add their health information to the portrait.  The portrait also can be an informative tool to share with a health care provider. All information remains private.  The federal website does not retain the information once the tool has been used to assemble it. Create a family health portrait today!

*All above information was taken from the US Surgeon General Website.*

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