Monday, November 3, 2014

Where should you store your Health Care Proxy?

If you are wondering where the best place to store your Health Care Proxy (HCP) is, we would like to recommend a Kinney Life Vial.  If Emergency Medical Service (EMS) personnel are called to your home, they will take a moment to look in your fridge (if time allows) for the Life Vial.  EMS use information in the Life Vial to help decide how to care for you.   EMS personnel will also take information found in the Life Vial with them to the hospital.

Finding a HCP amongst your important papers in an emergency might be difficult at best.  If you are in the hospital, the person designated as your HCP is more than likely with you. It may not be possible for your loved one to leave the hospital to find your HCP paperwork somewhere within your important papers. If your HCP is in your Life Vial, in your refrigerator, you can easily send someone into your home to grab it.

Life Vial is available free at all Kinney Drugs.  

What you will find in the Kinney Life Vial:
  • Magnet for your refrigerator letting EMS know the Life Vial is inside,
  • Two stickers also referencing the fridge for the Life Vial - one for the front and back door,
  • Life Vial Form to fill out with your pertinent medical information including a list of medications.
Thank you Kinney Drugs!

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