Monday, March 2, 2015

An Idea Can Change the World.

We here at the Proxy Project of CNY actually think we can change the world.  I know that sounds grand, but we have a chance and we are making the most of it.

We would like to (re)introduce you to a movie that could help us.  It is called Pay It Forward.  Doing a good deed for someone and not asking them for something in return. But, they can do something nice for someone else.

Below is a trailer for the movie.

Let's do it with Health Care Proxies.  We want everyone to complete the simple form.  If you have completed one maybe you would be willing to help someone you know become familiar with it.  This way we can reach scores of people.

A Health Care Proxy is an "Ice Breaker." Once you start the conversation about what you want medically if, at some time, you can not communicate for yourself - you always have that foundation.  You have opened up a channel of communication that keeps getting easier every time you use it.  When the time comes for more planning like a will, power of attorney, or a MOLST(DRN/DNI) you have already started the conversation and you can more easily keep it going.

Every time someone hears the words "Health Care Proxy" they are warming up to the idea.  Eventually they start the conversation and sign the simple form.

Click here to go to NetFlix.

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