Monday, February 15, 2016

Steering Into The Skid - When your health starts skidding.

Learning how to drive in winter weather is tricky. As a young driver in New York I learned to make sure my headlights were on, slow down, and if I started to skid across the road - steer into the skid. I still do these things to keep myself and others safe.

What a great analogy for when you health starts skidding...

  • First, turn your headlights on. Make sure people know what you are going through. If you don't tell them how are they supposed to know? 
  • Next, slow down and take inventory. Stay focused and do what you can.  Ask for help regarding matters you are unable to tend to, Your friends and family want to help - let them help you. Accept offers of assistance - let them love you.
  • Lastly, steer into the skid. This too is part of your life - make the best of it! Enjoy the beauty of falling snow, surround yourself with people you enjoy and love, revel in the light aroma of flowers, laugh watching old family movies, feel how soothing hot cocoa fells traveling to your happy belly, and be present...

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